About Us

We acquired our ranch 6 years ago in Blanket, Texas. We are located approximately 10 miles east of Brownwood and about 3 miles North of Blanket. Our new neighbor had several Longhorn cattle he needed desperately to feed, as rain had been pretty sparse in the area. After discussing, Bryan and I thought it would be great to be able to help a neighbor out, keep our Ag Exemption, and have our grass mowed! I am sure many of you have the same story! We immediately fell in love with those cows! Watching them and learning their habits was a very fun and educational experience. We finally offered to purchase those cows from our neighbor so it began! We officially named our ranch Alkabry Ranch which is a play on our name. People couldn’t pronounce it so instead, we came up with something really original, “Circle A Longhorns”. Here, our brand was born.

We had friends who raised Longhorns in the Christoval, Texas area. They invited us to join them at a Longhorn Sale in Llano, Texas. Immediately, our passion exploded and it was decided, we wanted to raise quality cows and aim to sell our cows at elite sales. We have expanded our knowledge regarding genetics, build and stature of cows, and the necessities to produce high quality cattle.

We are passionate about our herd and have added more quality heifers and cows over the last 3 years. We know we are headed down the road to success!

Come visit Circle A! We love to show off our herd!


Bryan and Karen Allen
Blanket, Texas 76432